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Insurance is NOT accepted or billed for ANY court related counseling or other forensic mental health services.

More and more these days, the professions of law and psychology are intersecting in courtrooms both criminal and civic. The field of Forensic Psychology is increasingly in the public eye…especially in Family Court.

The American Psychology-Law Society and the American Board of Forensic Psychology define the field as:

"…the professional practice by psychologists within the areas of
clinical psychology, counseling psychology, neuropsychology, and
school psychology…engaged regularly as experts and representing
themselves as such…to provide professional psychological expertise
to the judicial system."

The Court system, state agencies, private agencies, private law practitioners, and parents depend upon the child abuse, visitation, or custody assessments of the Forensic Mental Health Professional. It is an important responsibility, demanding a mental health professional with a deep breadth of knowledge and impeccable credentials.

Psychotherapist and Marriage and Family Therapist Terri Asanovich has spent 15 of the over 25 years she has been licensed in the State of California working with law firms and the courts.

With extensive professional experience and education covering all of the areas in the above definition, membership in 3 Southern California Bar Associations, and a reputation as a sought after media consultant, Terri Asanovich is the ideal choice to make your assessments and recommendations.

Terri's sensitive approach, clinical abilities, incisive mind, and crisp, clear communication style will ensure accurate evaluations and unshakable credibility.

To contact Terri Asanovich for more information, you can call her for San Fernando Valley 818-906-3734 or West Los Angeles 310-273-0500.

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