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Insurance is NOT accepted or billed for ANY court related counseling or other forensic mental health services.

Are you and your ex still struggling over the same issues you had in your marriage, with your children caught in the crossfire?

Do your kids often end up in the middle of a tug-of-war - as messengers, scapegoats, or worst of all, as weapons you fire at each other to score bitter points?

Or are you in a new relationship, often separated from your own children, and dealing with the special problems of blended families - the difficulty of forming a bond with your new partner's kids?

Children are be the most fragile victims of divorce, and must be treated with the utmost care, love, and consideration, from the beginning of separation, through divorce proceedings, all through the aftermath and into that new relationship. The challenge of creating consistency in two homes can baffle and frustrate even the most devoted parents.

Marriage and Family Therapist Terri Asanovich can help guide you through the entire process, and help you implement your court-ordered custody agreement in a way that helps resolve the anger, guilt and conflicts that can leave kids feeling like they're somehow responsible.

With Terri's empathetic, hands-on style, she can help improve communication and negotiating skills with your ex, or help your entire blended family learn how to treat each other with appreciation and respect - so everyone wins.

And your kids? They can grow up secure in the knowledge that - no matter what - they have two parents who love them very much.

And that's the greatest victory any parent can achieve.

To contact Terri Asanovich for more information, you can call her for San Fernando Valley 818-906-3734 or West Los Angeles 310-273-0500.

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