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Insurance is NOT accepted or billed for ANY court related counseling or other forensic mental health services.

The world has changed a lot in the past twenty years. Every year it gets harder for kids to have the kind of idyllic childhood we'd wish for them. Divorce, stress and the fast-paced, fearful realities of modern life can really make it tough on youngsters.

By the time they're teenagers, kids can really be screaming for help, often in ways that are hard for parents to cope with.

Nightmares, anxiety, depression, acting out and self-esteem issues are all ways that kids can show the strain. With teenagers the added stresses of peer pressure, academic and social expectations and the need to establish their independent identities can make an explosive mix.

Terri Asanovich can help your family defuse these pressures. Especially sensitive to the needs of kids, her extensive experience in clinical, pastoral and legal settings make her work uniquely attuned to the many kinds of stresses children and teenagers have to deal with.

Terri's kindness and compassion are evident in her approach. Age appropriate techniques, from play therapy to individual counseling, enable her to get to core issues quickly. Practical assignments enable kids (and parents) to meet and master the unique challenges of growing up in our topsy-turvy world. While therapy focuses on the child, parents are encouraged to attend as appropriate, so families can mend and kids can feel supported in finding solutions that work for them.

To contact Terri Asanovich for more information, you can call her for San Fernando Valley 818-906-3734 or West Los Angeles 310-273-0500.

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