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Insurance is NOT accepted or billed for ANY court related counseling or other forensic mental health services.

Losing someone you love just hurts. Pure and simple.

Even if you both agree a marriage or relationship is not working, there are so many broken promises, dreams and expectations left lying around, you can keep tripping over them long after it's over. The process of separation can create a lot of anger and conflicting feelings. Not to mention low-self esteem thoughts that can crop up about not being lovable, smart or successful enough to "hold" a relationship.

Even if your head knows that's nonsense, your heart disagrees, causing you pain that just seems endless. If your religious or personal beliefs say that marriage is forever, it can be even worse.

You can stop the cycle. Feelings of grief and loss are normal, but if they get in the way of moving on to a happier life, it's time to talk to someone who can help.

Licensed psychotherapist, Terri Asanovich has a sensitive, clear-sighted approach that can help you find acceptance and get back on your feet again. Her extensive experience gives her a lot of practical tools to help you move on and move up. Her background includes Catholic counseling and work with many of Los Angeles' different cultural groups, so your beliefs don't have to be left out of the process of divorce recovery--you can find a way that's right for you.

To contact Terri Asanovich for more information, you can call her for San Fernando Valley 818-906-3734 or West Los Angeles 310-273-0500.

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